Is it really newsworthy that a popular music figure is being mocked in the mages of MAD Magazine, where they invented the pop culture mockery?The AP says Yes!

Ficarra said it made sense to put the 16-year-old singer on the cover of issue No. 508 and then playfully mock and satirize him within the pages, too.

“We like to do what we call Zeitgeist covers. When we found that his movie was debuting just about the same time we would be coming with the issue,” it all fell into place, Ficarra said. “We knew he’d be all over the place.”

The issue is bound to be a best-seller with Bieber on the cover, Ficarra said.

Put it this way, we’d be more surprised if Justin Bieber WASN’T in MAD. The Usual Gang of Idiots are not so idiotic after all.


  1. What next? AP articles about a 2nd teir superhero dying when we all know he’ll be back in a year or two?

    Oh… wait…

  2. Justin Bieber wearing The Donald’s hair!

    Interesting… I think that’s the most text I’ve ever seen on a cover (aside from the ones where the words make up the picture). Looks like MAD is parodying teen magazines as well!