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Julia Wertz and Brian Ralph at the Fart Party opening at Atomic Books:

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Jennifer de Guzman goes to Disneyland, surrounding by goats.

Dland Coaster

Brian Hibbs also went to Disneyland.

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For halloween James Kochalka dressed as a monkey and kids dressed as robots. Monkey vs Robot.

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Gary Groth interviews Schulz bio author David Michaelis at the Elliott Bay Book Co.,


  1. I may be wrong, but I think James Kochalka’s kids are dressed not as mere generic robots but specifically as ROM, the Marvel toy tie-in with a long lived cult following.

    I think Fairy Princess ROM is an especially nice touch.

  2. Yeah, they do look like ROM (whom I love) but it’s more accident than anything else. I had to open up the back of mask to fit their heads in, which gave it that ROM shape, I guess.