This year’s Republican National Convention (held July 18-21 in Cleveland) promises to be a spectacle of unsurpassed Marvels. Either it will be the greatest reality show episode of all time, as a TV pitchman is crowned with the nomination; or a Game of Thrones-style melee of cutthroat political intrigue that will leave the Grand Sept shattered.

Either way, Joyce Brabner hopes to cover it with a “Comixcast” mixing cartoons, videos and other on the spot reactions to the spectacle. Brabner, a comics writer and activist best known for her association with her late husband Harvey Pekar, is putting together the team now, but she also has an
GoFundME campaign to help with costs::

We can provide housing, transportation in and out of the city, and meals.  We will also provide safety conscious escorts who know the territory, since there will be trouble spots and will offer other assistance.  Travel is the problem and that’s why I’m asking for your help.

Many comix folk work in the margins, the very people I want with us, and so will need help with travel costs. I have raised some cash and I’m fronting bills now but, hey!  I’m a widow (who owns her own home) on a survivor’s pension of $978 per month (but great health care).  I cannot do it all, so I’m posting this request for your help.  We’re talking MegaBus, el cheapo tin bucket airlines and Greyhound travel here— nothing fancy but, for some people, a cost they just can’t meet.

Confirmed participants include Abanian-Muslim cartoonist Gerta Oparaku, Junco Canche, Tim Fielder, Ted Rall, Paul Mavrides, Tony Puryear, Vishavjit Singh, Seth Tobacman and Mark Zingarelli. If you’d like to be involved , there’s a contact button on the FoGundMe page.