Ooh, these premieres really make people loosen up about forthcoming projects, don’t they? Speaking at the premiere for Iron Man 3, Joss Whedon has perhaps in/advertently revealed that two new characters will be joining the cast of Avengers 2:

I’ve got these two characters, two of my favourite characters from the comic book, a brother-sister act. They’re in the movie.

Now, this has obviously led most comics sites to conclude this will mean the arrival of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch to the Avengers Universe. They’re prominent members of the Avengers, and Wanda’s appearance could clear the way for other characters like Vision. If you ignore the fact Marvel Studios can’t mention or use their father – Magneto – in the movie, they really do seem like the top bet.


But what other options are there? They aren’t the only siblings in Marvel comics. Let’s begin speculating wildly, you guys!

Black Panther and Shuri: There are rumours circulating currently about actor Morris Chestnut being in talks with Marvel, to show up as Black Panther in some of their forthcoming films. And if true, it would be excellent fun to also introduce the character’s sister, Shuri, into proceedings. Shuri only appeared fully as a character very recently, but was a fun personality for T’Challa to bounce from, being less serious and more impulsive.

An appearance from these two could push Black Panther into the Avengers team (whilst Shuri stays home and protects Wakanda, their home), but also prepare for any potential Black Panther film which could spring out of it.

Damion Hellstrom and Satana: Jeff Parker be praised! These half-siblings seem like the sort of characters Joss Whedon would love to throw into a story. They’d be incredibly good fun to have around.


Darkstar and Vanguard: What I think we’d all like to see in Avengers 2 is Marvel pandering more to me. It’s bad enough we already had an X-Men film set during the 1960s and didn’t feature any Russian mutants! Will we really have to wait so long before The Winter Guard turn up somewhere, anywhere?

The Von Strucker family: With Thanos wandering around in space, there’s still room for Avengers 2 to feature an earth-based villain, and Baron Von Strucker would be an interesting choice – and would give Captain America something to work with. If the Baron is around, what about his squabbling children Andreas and Andrea? It’s an option!

Captain Britain and Psylocke: Tricky. Could the very iffy body-swap storyline mean that the fairly rubbish ‘Psylocke’ seen wandering about in X-Men 3 be rebranded as Kwannon, whilst a white woman could be cast as Psylocke in the Avengers? Very unlikely, really. Psylocke is one of the most prominent Marvel characters to be overlooked by superhero movies, though. On the other hand, there’s only one set of siblings anybody REALLY wants to see on the big screen….



Surely the number one choice for comics fans worldwide. Power Pack are GREAT


  1. Spontaneously thinking of Aurora and Northstar. Being on Alpha Flight, they might not have been sold to Fox along with the other X-Men, and Alpha Flight is Avengers-like enough not to warrant its own movie.

  2. Wand and Pietro obviously first come to mind, but as Uli says above Aurora and Jean Paul would make for a more interesting interaction and would allow the director to put a gay character on the movie (it never hurts these days).

  3. It takes me an average of two seconds to come up with a way to put Magik in any story (Limbo could tie in to the different realms from Thor’s world), but sadly, it is proving much more difficult to find a half-valid reason to break them from from the X-licence…

    And well, OF COURSE what we really want is Power Pack, but I think it’s worth holding out for a full-on Disney animated feature.

  4. Oh come on. Joss Whedon’s favorite characters from the Avenger’s books are Shuri and/or Satana??? He is TALKING ABOUT SCARLET WITCH & QUICKSILVER. End of story.

  5. You know, Marvel should get Whedon on a Power Pack tv show for teens. Or him and Vaughn to get a damn Runaway series or series of films going.

    Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver kinda work. They just can’t say the m-word or mention their father.

    Huh. If Marvel ever got the rights to X-men back.. though I am not holding my breath that Fox is going to let them pry them from even their cold dead hands.. I guess they could use Wanda as a way to merge the universes. Maybe even reboot one or both franchises. Just have it so that Avengers and all the Marvel films happened after Wanda cast “No more mutants.” Makes more sense than whatever Fox and Singer are doing with Days of Future Past trying to blend the leather uniformed first films with first class.

  6. @Uli – I’m pretty sure Northstar and Aurora went to Fox because they’re mutant characters and mutants are part of the X-Men package. Northstar’s been more closely associated with the X-Men than Alpha Flight for almost a decade now anyway.

  7. Hellcat and her brother Mickey? Jake and Dawn Fury coming to hang out with Nick? No, I bet it’ll be my favourite under-used brother and sister hero team – Silver and Auric!

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