Last week saw the release of Teen Titans Rebirth, a book that both Alex and I were big fans of, and it marked another successful relaunch for DC’s Rebirth line-up.

But not every ship can hit totally smooth sailing; this morning, the artist of that title, Jonboy Meyers, announced he was stepping off the book after completing the upcoming Issue #1.

Per his public Facebook page:

Thank You guys for all the Teen Titans Love and Support and TT Issue #1 of the ongoing will be my Final Issue for the Series. Due to creative differences, I’ve decided to move onto other projects.

And just to be clear, I left on my own, so there’s no hard feelings or ill will. It’s comics not everything is magical–just the characters :)

Meyers’ art was a real boon to the book, and he’ll be missed. Though writer Ben Percy will be continuing on, with a regular artist to be announced.



  1. His art is actually quite nice with a ton of fun energy to it. Not the traditional DC New 52 generic bleh. It was actually a lovely fit for Teen Titans with JB’s pop, manga influenced vibe. This is a shame.

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