The creative team of Jonathan Hickman and Di Amorim have announced a new six-issue series being published through Avatar starting this September. Called ‘God Is Dead’, the miniseries will apparently tell the story of what happens when gods return to current-day Earth and decide to remake it to be more in their image. The humans already living on Earth bristle at this, obviously, causing everybody to go to battle with one another.


You might be forgiven for not noticing that Di Amorim will be the artist for the issue, because this front cover – designed by Hickman – totally hides that fact in the bottom right corner. Hopefully the cover will be changed in order to give the artist a more appropriate credit before it goes to press.
UPDATE: Jonathan Hickman’s stated that it will be, yay:


There’ll be variant covers by Jacen Burrows for each issue of the series, and it’ll be interesting to see if working with Avatar rather than Image has any affect upon Hickman’s storytelling. Avatar seem to have been picking up a few series one might otherwise have expected to see at Image or IDW – this seems like a pretty big year for them so far.

Issue 1 is out in September.

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