Publishers Weekly reports that Rich Johnson, formerly in charge of DC’s book trade biz, has been hired at Hachette to set up a graphic novel imprint at Little/Brown:

In an internal memo released to PW, Hachette announced the decision to go graphic by stating that the publisher “has been looking for a creative way to be part of this exciting category.” Johnson, who had been v-p of book trade sales at DC, has been hired as a consultant to look into acquiring titles in a number of categories under the graphic umbrella including licensed manga, original manga, original American comics and graphic novels, webcomics, licensed adaptations and children’s graphic novels.

Johnson will be at next week’s Frankfurt Book Fair to make contacts for future projects and hires.


  1. Very, very glad to hear Rich has landed on his feet, and still in the world of comics.

    But just to be nit-picky, unless there’s an international trade show in Kentucky I don’t know about, I think you mean he’ll be going to the Frankfurt Book Fair, not Frankfort. ;-)

  2. Rich will be at Frankfurt Book Fair in da Fatherland. BUT, there is an excellent Kentucky Book Fair each year in Frankfort that people should check out.

    Hachette is DC’s distributor to the book market. Does that mean they’ll now compete?