BM BY RIDLEY DLX.jpgJohn Ridley’s Next Batman, Tim Fox, has launched as part of Future State, and he’s a hit! His first appearances have already gone back to print. And now DC has announced the character’s adventures will continue in The Next Batman: Second Son, a digital first mini-series which launches February 23rd. Tony Akins, Travel Foreman and Mark Morales supply the art.

Although listed as a mini-series, the exact length isn’t mentioned; however, the first three digital chapters will be collected for the first print series, launching on April 6.

Following the four issue Future State: The Next Batman,  Tim Fox will appear in a short story in Batman: Black and White #3 (on sale February 23), as well as the Second Son digital series.   

If you’re fretting about reading everything in print, the whole debut storyline will be collected June 29 in the Batman by John Ridley Deluxe Edition, a 128-page hardcover collection. Contents will include a new original story by Ridley with art by Dustin Nguyen, and collect Future State: The Next Batman issues #1-#4, in addition to stories from Batman: Black and White and “Family Ties,” from Batman: The Joker War Zone #1.

Now that the world knows Tim Fox is behind the mask fighting against The Magistrate in Gotham City, what’s the truth behind his origin and his connection to the current DC Universe? Featuring art by Tony Akins (Jack of Fables), Travel Foreman (Animal Man, Birds of Prey) and Mark Morales (Justice League, Deathstroke, REPRESENT!/”It’s A Bird”) this miniseries answers the questions behind Tim’s estrangement from Lucius Fox and the rest of the Fox family and his evolution from man of mystery to Gotham’s newest guardian.

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Looks like Tim Fox is here to be a regular part of the DC universe — as is DC’s aggressive slate of digital first comics.