Rj Collected Cover Final(S)
While the names Moore and Gibbons readily spring to mind when the name of a certain much beloved graphic novel classic is named, there is a THIRD member of the creative crew, colorist John Higgins, who worked on the original WATCHMEN and the remastered Absolute edition. In the intervening decades, Higgins has solidified his reputation as a fine cartoonist in his own right, and he’s proud to announce a new edition of his magnum opus, RAZORJACK. While the book was originally self-published, the UK indie Com.x has collected the entire story into one graphic novel, available in many fine comics shops and on Amazon here.

Higgins talks about the book (and you-know-what) in an interviewMindless Ones » Blog Archive » 21 Questions with John Higgins:

I initially loved being in control of all the aspects of self-publishing, but after a while I was spending more time doing everything except drawing my story, so to collaborate with Com.x on the next two issues was brilliant, they took over the production and business aspect of publishing which allowed me to do what I love doing and hope I do best. Writing and illustrating my own stories.

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