J. Michael Straczynski and Pete Woods have been announced as the creative team for a twelve-part Terminator series at Dark Horse, which will continue the story of the films and follow on from Terminator: Salvation. Titled Terminator: The Final Battle, the series will start later this year.


This twelve-issue series will be set during the time of the Christian Bale-era John Connor, and it looks like JMS will be taking a closer look at Skynet’s perspective on events.  The announcement is another one of those slightly-vague interviews which doesn’t pinpoint what the actual story and premise of the book will be, though JMS indicates that it features John Connor and Skynet fighting each other directly.

That’d be a battle which I believe Terminator 3 predicted wouldn’t end brilliantly for John, exactly…

This marks another twelve-issue storyline for JMS, following Superman: Grounded, Wonder Woman: The Odyssey, and The Twelve. Best of luck, Terminator fans.


  1. LoL I love how EVERY Terminator movie/comic/etc. is meant to be “the final battle” until someone else comes up with another crappy story to keep this dead franchise going….

  2. JMS has a fairly bad track record when it comes to finishing work for the mainstream publishers so I’m not sure how he’s all of a sudden writing Terminator, Twilight Zone, and all his creator owned Joe’s Comics stuff and we’re to believe it’s all going to happen.

  3. The artist could suddenly take inspiration for Dwayne Johnston as the next gen Terminator if the rumor is true and then the project is cancelled after much ado about nothing. Much like Rose McGowan playing Red Sonja but for a different publishing company/movie house.

  4. The only series JMS hasn’t finished were WW and Superman due to health issues. The 12 were a whole different issue, not to mention it’s finally done. The rest of the Marvel stories that he had going at the time they decided that things were not working between them can not be considered unfinished (Thor and Spiderman), or his fault (SS). It’s all in interviews around the net.

    I’m starting to sound like his secretary or something, but truth is I really like his ideas and writing, and the sales of his works speak volumes for his following.

  5. Hope this series actually gets published….and then finished (though I do love JMS & Pete Woods, I’m not buying this team can be together for 12 issues). I’m a Terminator fan (waiting for the reboot somewhat reluctantly), so will give this a shot. I did enjoy Terminator Salvation, so am looking forward to more explaining of the future, John Connor, and Skynet.

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