§ Just when everyone was breathing a sigh of relief and declaring the JLA movie dormant, it has risen zombie-like from the grave, causing chills and night sweats. You see, maybe George Miller IS making the movie after all, despite reports everywhere that he had dismissed the idea on a morning chat show.

UPDATE: A representative from Kennedy Miller Mitchell tells us that George Miller did not appear on the “Sunrise Morning Show” let alone confirm anything about “Justice League” or “Mad Max.” According to the representative, “The facts are indeed the complete opposite to what was reported” below…

While you’ve got to admire the spokesman’s plucky resolve, as the first link indicates, the idea of a movie with Batman and no Christian Bale is a scary thought indeed.

§ We’re not exactly sure what is behind the very public campaign Geoff Johns is waging to write a SUPERMAN film script , and we have no idea if it would work. But it might not be such a bad idea. According to an interview with Splash Page, Johns would love to work on any kind of WB filmed entertainment.

But if the Superman or Flash filmmakers would just knock on his door, “I would love a crack at Superman or the Flash for a feature,” Johns said. (And he already has Richard Donner in his corner for the Man of Steel.)

According to Johns, he has tons of ideas to share… but with them, not us.

“I’d rather keep my ideas in a drawer, in case I get a chance,” Johns explained. “But I would love to be involved. It was my dream job to see the Legion come to life on ‘Smallville,’ to get to work with the director, to work with the actors, and I would love to do do more of that, just to introduce more DC characters to the world.”


“You get to capture the magic and get that on film and show other people,” he enthused. “If I could do what I did with ‘Smallville’ on a bigger level, and bring it life beyond the comic books in various ways, that would be my dream.”

§ Meanwhile, PUNISHER: WAR ZONE director Lexi Alexander is dropping not-so-subtle hints that she’d like to direct the Jonah Hex movie:

By her own admission, she is only one of several filmmakers under consideration to helm the DC Comics adaptation now that Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have parted ways with the project. She’s currently reading the script that Neveldine and Taylor wrote, and is most intrigued by the prospect of possibly working with Josh Brolin, who is attached to play the gunslinging title character.

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  1. “We’re not exactly sure what is behind the very public campaign Geoff Johns is waging to write a SUPERMAN film script.”

    I think they should stage a gladiator-style battle between Geoff Johns and Mark Millar, with the winner getting a crack at a Superman script. Considering the pants-pissing passion of the little Scotsman, I don’t hold much hope for the almost comically laid-back Johns.

  2. How about forgetting about Johns AND Millar and making no more SUPERMAN movies? The first two, by Donner and Lester, are classics, and there’s no sense (as SUPERMAN RETURNS proved) of rehashing or trying to top them.

    DC should spend its time and energy coming up with a decent original movie based on Green Lantern or Hawkman or Teen Titans or Phantom Stranger…how about somthing NEW!!!!

  3. The only thing I liked about the Miller JLA movie was that WETA Workshop (of the Lord of the Rings films) was supposedly designing the superhero costumes.

  4. I was also reading today’s TVguide.com in addition to the Legion of Super Heroes, that the Toyman will also be making an appearance on Smallville and the possiblity exists that there could be a potential spin-off featuring the Martian Manhunter.



  5. “I still have a hard time thinking of those early Superman movies as classics. The word classic should be reserved for true landmark cinema.

    Maybe I’m just too picky. ”

    To be fair, in regards to most comic book films, they are. Next to say, The Godfather, or some such other film widely regarded as a classic, I’d probably agree with you. The first film, which is arguably the best, is a great comic book movie but compared to all films I don’t see it ranking exceptionally high.