We would plug in to this idea! Call us nuts.


  1. I’m just impressed that Stan Lee had more camera presence than Jimmy Fallon, Dan DiDio, Geoff Johns, Jon Favreau, Michael Emerson, John Holloway, Don Cheadle and Sam Rockwell. I guess that’s why he’s The Man…

  2. so, THAT’S what he was showing the Lost cast. i was up in the press room for Lost when fallon was in there doing that bit about “here’s my comic”. haha.

  3. I think Emerson’s complete ambivalence and hatred of it was my favorite. Favs looking ready to punch him for messing with his guys was fun too. Plus I think I have those goggles he used.

  4. I posted the video on a certain imageboard and most people are commenting on how surprisingly buff and sexy Geoff Johns is. “Stupid sexy Johns..” “Nothing at all… Nothing at all… Nothing at all…”

  5. I gotta say the artwork for the Recharger is pretty good, lol. really.

    and… if i m the big timers, i’ll say yes cos, comics, where were the good days where its suppose to be fun? this is something different. You want everything to make sense?…

    Everyone so serious and stuff…

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