A reader writes to inform us that Jill Thompson now has her own forum on the Lurid Forum. That in turn reminded us that she has a blog which we don’t check nearly often enough. Thompson is yet another cartoonist who has been locked away working on a loooooong series of graphic novels for quite a while, in this case Magic Trixie:

I finally finished Magic Trixie #2. Break out the champage and chocolate! After months of life throwing horrible obstacles in my path…I packed up the final spot illos yesterday and sent them off to Harper Collins! Yay! So. One hundred and eighty six pages of painted art in the can ( minus covers and title page art and spot illos) and only one hundred and eighty six left to go. And, while I am very pleased with Miss Magic Trixie and her monstery pals. I can honestly say, I wouldn’t mind a plain old pen and ink vacation! It will be lovely to go to a convention in Spain next week and do some pencil drawings. I do not know why I didn’t think that drawing and painting 372 pages would not be a bit daunting…it seemed like a breeze at the time. But, I will be very proud of myself once I’ve finished all my books. Really, I think it’s at about the 53 page mark that your brain goes…”Isn’t this enough? Whaddaya mean I have another 40 pages to go? You must be insane!”

Taking a look at the art, it can only be judged the best kind of insanity.


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