200709251107Jessica Biel is in talks to play Wonder Woman in the proposed JLA movie.

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Jessica Biel Bikini Ass Big


  1. You folks is crazy. Jessica, jessica, jessica.
    Man, if you kick her out of your sink, send her to mine. I’ll move all the dirty dishes out of it, even. Sheeze louise.

    She’s also the fittest, muscliest beauty in Hollywood.

  2. Fine. I will. I’m sick of people from Blade III crawling around my house sitting on stuff I’m trying to use. Last week I had Wesely Snipes squatting on my night stand. Try setting an alarm clock with Wesley Snipes all in your way. Try it.

  3. I’m a fan of super hottie Biel, but Wonder Woman? I’m not too sure.

    Now the chick that plays the sister on that chow Chuck….she looks like Wonder Woman/Lynda Carter to a T.

  4. I completely adore Jessica. Know this!!!! Jessica could have her way with me any day!!! However, MONICA BELLUCCI is the best choice. Jessica is just too american looking for an “amazon” princess. Monica has the body, the looks, the sexy yet assertive voice, and did I say the body!!! Google her and look at her in that famous red dress in tell me you can’t imagine her in the outfit!!! DAMN!!! Just give her some blue contacts and let’s make a WW movie, before the JLA. Sweet!

  5. Cap’n Jack has it! In the *long* list of actresses that could play WW. Monica is the closest in looks and body to Linda Carter who, let’s face it, IS Wonder Woman

  6. Jessica Biel ist… Und die meisten bekannten Schauspielerinnen sind auch gar nicht besser, als sie.

    Sie zieht sich immer noch selten komplett aus, und mir kommt es so vor, dass sie noch leider nicht ganz frei ist. Aber es ist ausgezeichnet und menschlich, keine Scham zu haben! Liebt sie alle, die gut und attraktiv für sie sind? Wenn es nicht so ist, warum sind alle, die gut sind, unattraktiv z. B. für sie? Das alles verstehe ich nicht.

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