The Inferior Five was a short-lived mid-’60s superhero parody from DC.  And in a bit of a shocker, it’s coming back:

From the Twitter of Jeff Lemire:


So there you have it, the lead feature will be Lemire on script/Lemire & Giffen co-plotting/Giffen on art; the Peacemaker back-up will have Lemire on full cartoonist duties.

And the late-80s setting… would they be referring to the “Bwa Ha Ha” Justice League era?  Could be!


  1. Sounds interesting. Hope we get reprints of the original Bridwell/Orlando/etc. INFERIOR FIVE and Boyette/Gill PEACEMAKER comics in the deal.

  2. I really hope this is more Giffen illustrating stories written by Lemire than Giffen writing any of the dialogue. In recent years, his writing has gotten painfully unfunny and tedious. Still dig his art, though.

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