The Marvel Legacy nostalgia wagon plows on!

With Jean Grey returning from the dead for the upteenth time, Marvel has announced a new X-Men ongoing book titled X-Men: Red from writer Tom Taylor and artist Mahmud Asrar  with covers by Travis Charest.

Sporting a new costume invoking the classic Jim Lee design from the 90’s as well as the Fox Kids animated series, Marvel’s commitment to nostalgia, particularly the 90’s, appears to be as dedicated as ever. Though Marvel has no involvement with 20th Century Fox’s upcoming X-Men: Dark Phoenix film next fall, bringing the original Jean Grey and Phoenix back in such a prominent role just in time for the movie does seem like more than a mere coincidence.

No other details were announced but one can assume that Jean Grey will in fact be the leader of this new X-Men team. Who do you want to see as part of the team roster?


  1. Too bad Travis Charest wasn’t doing the inside art. Not too sold on that costume… looks like a 90s era reject. Anyway, I’ve give the first issue a chance…

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