From The Gutters, a new comics interview show, has launched their first episode today. Presented by Jamie S. Rich, the webseries will be hosting a number of notables from the world of comics over the next few months, including people like Becky Cloonan, Ming Doyle, Eric Stephenson and Mike Allred. Today’s inaugural episode sees Matt Wagner chat to Rich, and it’s a rather fantastic opening show.


Split into three parts, the interview is pretty wonderful. Wagner makes for an eloquent, interesting guest – and Rich feels comfortable as the host and interviewer. The interview (which has some swearing in it, so is NSFW) goes in-depth not only on the comics community as a whole and Wagner’s past creative history – but also looks at his creative process in detail.

Here’s part one – you can find the other two parts over on Youtube.

Watch, subscribe, enjoy!


  1. VERY cool. I like the approach and the length of discussion. I look forward to other episodes. My only quibble — and I do this a lot with content like this — is that these interviews are mostly with the *name* talent, who are already heavily covered in several podcasts, blogs, reviews, interviews, etc. Though I fully understand that it is the names that bring in the audience, I hope that a good diverse range of creators are lined up in the future.

  2. Hi Jimmie,

    Thanks for watching the show! Glad you enjoyed the first episode. Matt was a hoot to work with…but I’m sure you can see that in the video.

    Our goal is to get a wide variety of people on the show. Big names, small names. Editors, publishers, artists, colorists and writers. We’ll look at creator owned titles, self published titles and books from the big two as well. We want to get to know some of the big names better and introduce you to people you may not have heard of. The first season guest are here:

    And although there are a lot of big names in there, fear not, next season we will be digging deep and sharing some names that you may not be familiar with but we’re super excited about.

    Also, if there is someone, or say a group or collective, that you really love. Drop us an email and we’ll try and cover them.

    Thank again!

    [email protected]

  3. Hi Conor,

    I think Jamie created a persona for those letters pages. I can understand the way you feel about him, but my experience with him is 100% the opposite. Jamie is a super bright guy with a heart of gold. He works his butt off and has dedicated his life to comics and getting the word out about comics. I have never seen anyone that spends so much time helping people get into the business and mentoring them so that they STAY in the business. His relationship with the people on the show speaks volumes about who the guy really is. Wagner,Allred, Stewart,Cloonan, Stephenson, Naifeh, Doyle, Schreck and Oeming are not the kind of people that would suffer a fool gladly.

    I doubt I’ll change your mind but my experience with Jamie has been great. Annoying maybe, but not a jerk ;-)

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