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James Jean’s first painting show is now on view (until February 7) and online, but if you’re pining for a painting, don’t get your hopes up — it was sold out before the show even opened. We got to view the show on Friday at the “preview” opening, which was still pretty damned crowded, but at least we got to see the artwork. Which is beautiful, unsettling and mysterious. The show, Jean’s first solo exhibition, is a huge debut for him in the fine art world, and you have to wonder how many comic book covers he’ll be doing from here on out. (He took all of 2008 off to work on the show.) Whatever level of success he reaches, it couldn’t happen to a nicer — or more talented — person.

Irene Gallo has another report on the opening, as does Sarah Jaffe. Whitney Matheson also has a report and you can tell she is the newest New Yorker because she still has the optimism to wear white. Lots and lots of pictures here.
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  1. Words can not describe how happy I am to see such a cross over between comics and the world of gallery art, in this day and age. James Jean, Dame Darcy, Paul Pope, Dave McKean, David Mack… the list goes on, and it’s making me so excited. It means that comics (artistically) are where it’s at. Of course, we knew that all along.