F9Fcb9 Detail
One of the reasons that James Jean is giving up his FABLES cover gig and has generally not been seen doing much commercial work lately is that he’s busy painting for his first solo art show. Over at his blog, he’s been showing a few update photos and it’s tantalizing, to say the least. The above is a partial image he’s shown.

The actual show opens January 10th at the Jonathan Levine Gallery. Luckily, it’s here in NYC, so we’ll be going. To say that we’re looking forward to this show as a way to blunt the post-holiday doldrums is putting it mildly.

BONUS: The gallery will also have a show by Kenichi Hoshine, (below) who is also pretty fantastic.



  1. Beautiful. The only sad thing is, that people just don’t know the inpact of seeing these pieces in real life, unless they DO go to a gallery. Keep those art show events coming, because the web just doesn’t do justice to art, just like CDs don’t do justice to the richness of old records. (We’ll have that one out some day, Heidi) People don’t realize that an origenal painting can fill the air with it’s substance, make it pungent with experience, and resonate with the artist’s soul.