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James Jean announces he’s leaving FABLES to concentrate on his own art:

“This is a difficult email for me to write. Don’t worry . . . as far as I know, I don’t have any tumors or crippling neuroses, and my taxes are in order. But I feel like I’m breaking up with the prom queen on prom night, after having dated through grades 6 – 12. Feeble analogies aside, it has been an amazing opportunity to work on Fables these past 7 years (8 this October). But I feel that it’s time to devote myself full-time to painting and personal work. Shelly and I talked yesterday, and my last cover will be 81, at the end of the story arc. It has been a true privilege to work on a team that has produced such great chemistry on paper, and to have been a part of such an important book that has entertained and drawn together so many people.

As usual, he’s going out on the same heart-stoppingly beautiful level he came in on.


  1. That’s really sad news — I’m quite disappointed to see him leave.

    But selfishly I am now wondering if it’s too late to cancel/resolicit the FABLES cover book so that they can include #76-81 as well.

  2. It sucks that he’s leaving, but I look forward to see what other projects James Jean will be doing.

    I also thought of the Fables cover book, wondering if it’s too late to include the extra issues. As 6 covers is too small for a companion book.

    With my luck, DC is going to stay on track with the Fables cover book and then re-issue it a year or two later with the extra covers.

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