There’s reports we’re getting the first trailer for the upcoming Spider-Man: Far From Home, the highly anticipated sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming. This trailer would of course follow the just released second one for Captain Marvel, and the sure to be released “Avengers 4” trailer…presuming that one ever does actually show up this week.

But adding a little iron to the fire is Jake Gyllenhaal jumping on Instagram with an important realization about the role he’s playing in the upcoming Summer 2019 film:



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I just realized I’m not playing Spider-Man.

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Like a bad comedian, let me explain the joke here…you see, years ago, Jake Gyllenhaal was set to replace Tobey Maguire in Spider-Man 2, due to Maguire’s back troubles. That 15 years ago they both so closely so resembled each other as to be interchangeable was quite a coup for Sony, but as we all know Maguire stayed on, and Gyllenhaal was then rumored for a number superhero films (the Nolan Batman movies, Suicide Squad, the Matt Reeves Batman project). Heck, they both played brothers in a movie called Brothers. It wasn’t very good, but it felt like something finally came to fruition there.

Anyhow, having Gyllenhaal join the new Spider-Man film takes us full-circle, and of course, he’s not playing Spider-Man, he’s playing Mysterio. I’m sure you knew that already, but it’s a cute way to make it 100% official before the trailer does it.

Spider-Man: Far From Home debuts on July 5, 2019.