Via Diamond, a PSA for Free Comic Book Day by…Hugh Jackman, with a WOLVERINE trailer following.

Also coming: A more generic “Support comics” PSA from Jackman.

First off: Can Hugh Jackman get any dreamier? He’s certainly not afraid to be associated with musical comedy, so comics are no reach for this leading man. It’s a really nice coup for Diamond.

Second: Back in The Dark Ages, for decades, comics folk thought that a “Milk Board”  — an industry advocacy arm that would put together promotional efforts featuring celebs who said they read comics — might help raise the profile of the medium to the general public. In fact, entire organizations were formed to work towards this milk board, before petty differences or inertia would inevitably end the efforts.

And now, it’s almost like the Milk Board came to us.

So, once again….yay us!


  1. Very nice PSA. Now let’s see if it drives more business to the shops on FCBD! I’ll be working at one store in the morning and going to the other local store after; they’re both supporting my school with free comics.

  2. I would like the local shops to encourage ME to promote FCBD to their own benefit. They haven’t gotten to appreciate guerrilla marketing yet. Despite this, I do what I can to hype the hype.

  3. This promotional effort is a real coup for comics. And big kudos to Marvel for making it happen. Diamond, too.

    I highly encourage every blogger and every blogging fan to embed this promotional spot on your site, like Heidi has done here.

    The more viral we make this video, the better it will be for everyone who loves comics.

  4. “Is Jackman the new Shatner?”

    I think he’s more like the anti-Shatner.

    Jackman seems very aware that the character of Wolverine (and to an extent, comics in general) helped make his career. (yes, I realize that he had a stage career before X-Men)

    His role as Wolverine proved to studios that he can bring them in wads of cash, and he’s never made a comment that portraying this fictional hero is beneath him or bothers him.

    So unlike the Shatners, Nimoys, Katts, etc… by embracing this role he’s never earned the disdain from fandom.

  5. Digging a little deeper, I have learned this coup for promoting FCBD with Hugh Jackman is something for which credit should go exclusively to the PR coordinators at Diamond, namely Elissa Lynch and Leslie Jackson, two usually unsung heroes of the FCBD juggernaut.

    Make it viral, folks– and bring your friends to an FCBD event near you!