Snikt, bub—although Hugh Jackman’s popular portrayal of Wolverine made only a (hilarious) cameo in X-MEN FIRST CLASS, he’s in negotiations to appear in the next X-Men films. Jackman, who will appear next summer in THE WOLVERINE, a stand-alone Wolverine outing, was a fixture for X-Men: DOFP director Bryan Singer, so a reunion would be quite natural. As we reported yesterday, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen are also joining the cast.

PS: In case you were wondering, Wolverine does it Gangnam Style, like everyone else.


  1. They can give Wolverine a big part in film if he’s the older, grizzled future version that has the white temples and bomber jacket. See the cover to Uncanny X-Men #141 to see what I’m talking about…

  2. Snikt, I know exactly what you'[re talking about. I still don’t want him to have a big role. The X-Men movies (except for 1st Class) are always the goddamn Wolverine show guest starring some X-Men. Let’s show off how great some of the other characters are for a change.

  3. Zach, X-Men comics for the most part of the last 20+ years have been the “Wolverine show guest starring the X-Men/whomever”! LoL :-)

    They even went so far as to give him top billing in a recent animated series, ‘Wolverine & the X-Men’. I was like WTF when I heard that. Apparently Wolverine is a bigger household name then the X-Men these days…?

    Also, Hugh Jackman sells tickets, no matter how bad the movie he makes is. If he wants to be Wolverine in any movie, Hollywood will most likely find a way to get him in there!!! :-(

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