By Steve Morris

Wolverine, Alpha Flight, Jack Bauer, Captain Kirk: many of the most famous heroes in modern history have been Canadian. But despite that, Canada still has a reputation mainly for politeness, rather than spandex-based punching and flying. As an attempt to finally wake the world up to Canada’s innate ability to defeat supervillains, writer J. Torres is this October launching a new anthology via Indiegogo, called True Patriots.

Featuring a line-up of writers and artists including Faith Erin Hicks, Andy Belanger, Ramon Perez and J. Bone, the anthology will create and celebrate a range of new Canadian superheroes. And while some of them will be new creations, the book will also see some more familiar faces appear as well.

Launching on the 1st October, the full lineup of creators and heroes so far are as follows:

  • Faith Erin Hicks – Superhero Girl
  • Scott Chantler – Red Ensign
  • Andy Belanger – Thunderbirch
  • Ramon Perez
  • Jack Briglio, Ron Salas – Dominion Jack
  • J. Bone – The Golden Owl
  • J. Torres (presumably!)

True Patriots will be a 100-page, full cover hardback, collecting stories which will last around 6-10 pages each. Presumably all-ages, the book will see a range of styles and ideas, but all keeping to the theme of the superhero. You can find out more about the project at Torres’ site, before the campaign launches proper in two weeks’ time.