Ryan Reynolds
OHMIGOD! Years more image surfing. YESSSSSSSS. Reynolds is hot off the success of THE PROPOSAL, a romcom opposite Sandra Bullock, and his turn as Deadpool in WOLVERINE, proving both women AND men like him. Four quadrant appeal? Reynolds beat out Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper, and Jared Leto for the role, according to recent trade reports.

The Martin Campbell-helmed GREEN LANTERN film is due for release in 2010.


  1. Reynolds is a handsome guy, as are Gerard Butler and other actors that women long for, moon over, or faint at the sight of — but their visual appeal demonstrates the gap between what women want and what some comic book fans say (or think) women want. For all their handsomeness, the actors’ bodies aren’t particularly strong. The larger a muscle cell is, the stronger the cell is, but bulging muscles can easily look unattractive. The strongest men on a football field are the linemen. The contestants in ESPN’s The World’s Strongest Man competition look more like white-skinned Hulks than they do Captain America. The muscular, well-proportioned body of the classic superhero is that of a male model who works out regularly.


  2. I really thought Reynolds would make a great superhero actor after playing Hannibal King in Blade: Trinity, and his Deadpool turn really clinched it. This is looking like a fine choice. Now they just need to give the director the creative freedom that Favreau got in Iron Man, and this might just be another comic-book movie winner!

  3. I don’t get the first comment since Hal Jordan/Green Lantern has never been a very bulky figure, having that lean Gil Kane-drawn body type. Reynolds should fit the part well, including capturing that cocky bravado- good casting that could help the film. With the way Hollywood alters/removes/pads the costumes it’s seldom a problem anyway. Heck, once Michael Keaton played Batman I’d have thought this wouldn’t be much of an issue among comics fans, but then I forget how picky many comic fans can be.

  4. We know Reynolds is actor enough to do a good job with this. Not that this needs to be approached like high drama, but we certainly aren’t being given a model who looks heroic but doesn’t know how to read lines, or a pop star placed in a marketing vehicle.

    Still, the only man on Earth with the hair to be Hal Jordan is Nathan Fillion. They both first got noticed on the same sitcom, “Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place,” although the pizza place may have lost its billing by the time Fillion showed up.

  5. I agree with heffison, I’d love to see Nathan Fillion in this role, or Chris Pine. Jordan is a great character, and I’m afraid Reynolds will play it too smirky, ala Clooney in the batsuit.

  6. They shouldn’t even make the film. It’ll be as stupid as all Star Trek flicks along with the Transformers by Mikey Bay.

  7. I don’t get the first comment since Hal Jordan/Green Lantern has never been a very bulky figure, having that lean Gil Kane-drawn body type.

    I wasn’t being sardonic or sarcastic. What makes people of both sexes look good is muscle definition, especially when the muscle mass is in proportion to the frame. Practically any male model looks better than any bodybuilder, IMO, because he has proportionality. Brock Lesnar is a muscle man among muscle men, but his body is ugly.

    A routine response to complaints about heroines being drawn as pinups is that the heroes are drawn in sexist ways too, but many are not. “Muscle men” generally are more unattractive than normal-bodied men are. Comics fans who fantasize about packing on muscle and wowing the girls are deluding themselves about what women find attractive.


  8. I think the people whining about Ryan Reynolds being cast as Green Lantern are the exact same people that whined about Heath Ledger being cast as The Joker. And that turned out pretty well, didn’t it?

    (Okay, not for Ledger, but you get what I mean…)

  9. Oh, Sean… you are such a joy.

    I think this’ll work out pretty well. Hopefully, if Ryan is Hal, they’ll also do some casting to flesh out the entire GL Corps and cast a Guy Gardner, a Jon Stewart, and a Kyle Raynor too. Let the speculation begin!