The other day, I saw the first full Venom trailer on the big screen finally right before Mission: Impossible – Fallout (this year’s best film that I’ve seen so far, by the way – though my pace won’t pick up until September or so), and I thought to myself…”hey, maybe this won’t be as bad as I’m fearing” and I understand the Hall H panel was a big hit. Didn’t go myself, as I tend to reserve my Hall H time for Saturday only.

But now, here’s another trailer, and suddenly all my doubts are rushing back to me. It’s really just an expanded version of the first one, with more action beats and Venom dialogue and you get a better sense of what Riz Ahmed’s Carlton Drake is all about…but I’m a little confused about the tone, which with the music, threats of cannibalism, and the ominous dread, leads you thinking this is going to be a grim horror movie…which fine…but then comes the last bit, and well…I just don’t know. Are they trying to be funny, too? It worked for An American Werewolf in London, which is their big touchstone apparently. And Fleischer was able to pull off that balancing act with Zombieland at least.

We’ll find out in October…also no sign of Woody Harrelson still, hmm.



  1. Great tweets from film historian Mark Harris:

    Some day Tom Hardy is going to win a lifetime achievement award and there’s going to be a nine-minute clip reel of his film work that contains maybe two fully audible syllables.

    “While Mr. Hardy’s Oscar-winning work as director/star of ‘Man Without Most of a Tongue’ is his most famous, his acclaimed reinterpretation of Mumbles in the controversial ‘Dick Tracy’ remake and as Muttley in Jacob Tremblay’s dark take on ‘Wacky Racers’ are also career highs.”

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