With the Image soliciations for June 2013 came the news that It Girl & The Atomics, the series spinning out of Mike Allred’s Mad Man, will be ending with issue #12. Writer Jamie S. Rich confirmed the news on his blog, noting that the final issue will see all the previous artists return for a final go round with It Girl herself:

I am really proud of how It Girl and the Atomics turned out. I am proud of shipping a full year of monthly comics on time and not just maintaining the quality, but I’d like to think improving issue to issue. As a writer, I was blessed to work with some exceptional people. Mike Norton, Chynna Clugston Flores, and Natalie Nourigat–you can’t ask for a better line-up of artists than that. And Allen Passalaqua, Crank!, and the Allreds, the foundation every issue was built on.

There’s still time to jump on, though! The first trade has just come out, and issue #9 is out this week.


  1. I loved this comic. I had a hunch I was the only one, though, because it was becoming harder and harder to find. Oh well…it was fun while it lasted!

  2. You weren’t alone I loved the title, but alas it was always on the cards judging by the sales figures we get to see. I always had that hope that big trade numbers might save it, but that was unlikely at best and too late now anyway.

    So if you’ll all just get your asses in gear and start buying Planet of the Apes -Cataclysm we won’t lose another one too soon.

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