It’s quite hard to keep track of every comic book series, which is why when Image send over a delightful enigmatic teaser image such as the one below, I fly into a desperate panic. Is this something never seen before, or is this blonde dude somebody I should be well aware of? I do not know! He seems totally new as far as I can tell, and I can’t place the artwork. So! I leave this before you, and ask you to update me if this is indeed somebody I should already know about…



It looks like it might be the start of a series of teasers, which is exciting. I love teaser images! Keep them coming, Image! I hope he takes that key necklace off before he goes to bed, he could do a damage to himself if he rolls over in his sleep.


  1. You know it looks an awful lot like Ken from Street Fighter, you don’t think it could be a start of some huge crossover fight?

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