Well, old ENGLISH Huckleberry Hound: The ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive reprints some Huck comics from a 1964 British comics weekly.

The interesting thing about this piece isn’t so much the quality of the artwork… it’s pretty generic… it’s the quantity of it. I eliminated a few pages of puzzles, games and stories, but the majority of the sheets are devoted to large, full-page comic stories. You would never see such a generous collection of comics in a publication that sells for as little as this today. But there is wisdom behind the generosity… The best way to get kids to watch the Huckleberry Hound Show (and buy Kelloggs cereal) is to engage them with the characters and situations. What better way to do that than a loss-leader newsstand comic?

What’s interesting to US is that all those dinky panels are clearly where Chris Ware and Ivan Brunetti stole their styles from. ‘Fess up, boys!*

*Note: this is a joke. It is unlikely that either cartoonist was influenced by 1964 British children’s comics.