Lego Batman Video Game Image Batman And Robin
Or only the second greatest?
Lego Batman Video Game Image Xbox 360


  1. As a lapsed LEGO building enthusiast, I’m a little concerned by the lack of LEGO-ness to the environments. The Star Wars games struck a good balance between brick-built settings and non-LEGO terrain, and they made an effort to utilize LEGO shapes in the non-lego architecture — the Batman pics released thus far have almost no evidence of the LEGO brand outside of the mini-fig characters and vehicles. Hopefully these aren’t representative of the final product. That said, the characters are cute as can be and I’m sure it’ll be fun.

  2. LEGOs are the great love of my 11-year-old’s life. He just put together a 1300-piece Trade Federation MTT in about five days. This weekend I’m building shelves to hold that along with his Millennium Falcon, Star Destroyer, Slave II, and various Sponge Bob constructions.

  3. My wife and I loved playing Star Wars lego game on Xbox 360, when I read that they were making Batman I thought AWESOME! The pics goto show that this will be a blast. And there may be many variations on the costumes all the characters wear as unlockable awaits.