It seems there’s romance in the air for Tony Stark as he gets back together with the winsome Wasp.  The two originally dated, ever so briefly, after her divorce from Hank Pym.  Of course, while not hyped, that does raise the spectre of dating a friend’s ex for Tony Stark and you have to wonder how Pym will react when he hears about it… strange state the Pym is in.

Official PR follows:

Tony Stark is kicking off an all-new adventure this summer with the superstar creative team of Dan Slott and Valerio Schiti – but this fall, it’s an old relationship that takes the stage, as Tony rekindles his relationship with the one, the only…Janet Van Dyne!

How will Iron Man and The Wasp’s relationship be rekindled? Find out in TONY STARK IRON MAN #4, on sale in local comic shops this September!

Written by DAN SLOTT

On Sale 9/19/18


  1. If he wants her, he’ll probably get her. Her feeling and Hank’s don’t matter to Tony Stark, after all this is the guy who took advantage of She-Hulk’s worry over the Hulk’s vanishing (which he was partly responsible for) to trick her into bed and when she got mad depowered her and dumped her into New Jersey as part of a plot to catch Amadeus Cho. That any woman in the mu gets involved with him is explained only be the fact that the writers are mostly men.

  2. Stark already tried to put the moves on the Wasp when Hank Pym was in jail (way back in Avengers #224, true believer!)

  3. Back when she was going through the trauma of Hank being kicked out of the Avengers and she was divorcing him. When Tony senses weakness he moves in.

  4. That headline, Romancing the Wasp… evokes Romancing the Stone to me, can’t help it, and Janet dislikes her comparison with a stone

  5. Hmmm… Janet must be wearing some pretty high heels! (she’s 5’4″ and Tony is 6′ 6″ in the armor)

  6. You know, I have every IM vol 1 and most TOS except 39-43, and I did not know Tony was 6’6” in the armor. Mind. Blown.

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