Gawker Media, the blogging empire behind Gawker, Gizmodo and Defamer, has just launched a new “science fiction” blog called io9, which will be covering comics, presumably through contributor Graeme McMillan.

We’d been hearing rumors about this blog for a while, but the execution is more like Wired if it were designed by the people who do Martha Stewart Living, with tales of killer subway cars and endorsements from William Gibson. But Warren Ellis
wasn’t quite as upbeat:

I guess that if you actually talk to strangers in the street about TRON and your mother drank a bit too much while you were in the womb, io9 will be just what you always wanted. It’s not actually bad, and everyone involved knows how to write a sentence. It’s just kind of dumb, and sort of lays there and uses electricity without really justifying its existence, containing within itself any meaning or point, or, really, doing anything. I guess that, when it’s science fiction, you don’t have to try harder.