Tom Spurgeon reports on his continuing website outtage over at the TCJ board:

Since we’ve been unable to a) get the site back, or b) have any polite question answered as to what the hell happened or what we can expect to happen, we’re rebuilding the site elsewhere and hope to be back on-line this week.

After the site is back up, and after I get a chance to take off-line some of the half-finished or now unfairly buried by time interviews, we’ll a) be in contact with the advertisers and b) will re-schedule the roll-out of the interviews from Frank Santoro on and work with interview subjects where appropriate in doing this.

While you might think Spurge was the victim of a fly by night webhost, it’s Yahoo who’s done the dirty deed. Can we all kick mud on their doorstep or something?

UPDATE: BUt now it’s back up — although with some missing content. YAY!


  1. Tom’s massive interviews were awesome (especially the Santoro interview- haven’t been able to catch up on many of the “missing ones” yet) and a great way to use up some free time over the holidays. I sure hope he gets some of his lost revenue back (as I’d assume he can’t reasonably charge people for banner ads no one could see) and should even consider some sort of fund-raising scheme if Yahoo doesn’t do the right thing and pay him back for lost revenue and time moving and rebuilding his site.