Dynamite’s incarnation of the fan-favorite franchise ThunderCats has been captivating fans since issue #1. Now, one of the most popular characters from the cartoon and comic series is getting her own book this July 3–Cheetara!

Writer/artist Soo Lee leads the book, with Domenico Carbone taking on interior art. Lee provides covers along with Sozomaika, Lesley “Leirix” Li, Rebeca Puebla, and Edwin Galmon.

Lee chatted with The Beat and revealed more about the new series.

DEANNA DESTITO: What was so appealing about Cheetara for you?
SOO LEE: Cheetara is such a cool female character that rarely gets talked about in the original Thundercats. So to give her a voice that makes her the main character in her own story is such an honor to do for the franchise! And honestly, she really is just cool.
Sozomaika cover
DESTITO: What can fans of the cartoon look forward to and what can new fans expect?
LEE: Most of our favorite characters are younger and I bring back to life, I hope, old Thundera. I elaborate on some powers of Cheetara that aren’t established in the original series. Some esoteric things and definitely some romance.
DESTITO: Were you able to add your own spin to this character, and if so, what did you bring to her?
LEE: I had to imagine a life Cheetara and the others had before everything started in episode one of the series. I had to establish her as her own character in this universe and show her growing into her powers.
Lee cover
DESTITO: How is it working with Domenico and the rest of the team?
LEE: Domenico is great and incredibly talented. I try to keep in communication and be as encouraging as possible. I want to make sure the story is just as much his as it is mine!
Leirix cover
DESTITO: Any teasers for fans?
LEE: There are hidden powers, answers to how they were so prepared for the destruction of Thundera, and good old-fashioned romance.
Puebla cover
Galmon cover