Dynamite is getting ready to revive Barbarella in February with writer Sarah Hoyt at the helm and a new tale entitled “The Center Cannot Hold.” The award-winning scribe is joined by artist Riccardo Bogani as well as cover artists Derrick Chew (Harley Quinn, Supergirl), John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men, Lone Ranger), Celina, Geebo Vigonte, Jimmy Broxton, cosplayer Rachel Hollon, and previous Barbarella artist Madibek Musabekov.

Hoyt, whose work has ranged from sci-fi and fantasy to historical fiction, chatted with The Beat about taking on the character, and what fans old and new can expect.


Deanna Destito: How has it been working on your own version of Barbarella?

Sarah Hoyt: Working on Barbarella is in many ways a dream come true. Something the little Portuguese girl who first read her brother’s Barbarella stash (in French) would find completely unbelievable. It was a chance to take an iconic character out to play and make her consistent with the past and yet new for the twenty-first century. More fun than should be legal.


Destito: How does this series connect to previous arcs? Can new fans jump in?

Hoyt: It connects pretty closely to the immediate past arc, the series I just wrote.  In many ways, it’s a continuation. However, it shouldn’t be impossible to discover Barbarella for the first time in this arc, as I’m trying to make the plots sufficient of themselves.


Destito: What has been your favorite part about working with this character in this universe?

Hoyt: Barbarella is a fun character to work with because her special superpower comes naturally from whom she is. She doesn’t have supervision or super strength (except maybe for a few things in the original series that hinted at such). It’s her mind and her heart that make her truly special. Working with that is fun for a character-oriented writer like me.

Destito: How has it been working with this creative team?

Hoyt: I haven’t seen much of the current illustrator, yet, but I have complete confidence in my editor to bridge my vision and that of the visual team.


Destito: Can you tease any big reveals or characters that may pop up?

Hoyt: Well… we already know that Vix is not quite what she appears to be. All I’ll say is that Vix has a big choice ahead of her.  And we might yet find out that Taln is more than he appears to be.

Barbarella: The Center Cannot Hold #1 is set to hit stores in February.