We’re only a few short days away from the latest blockbuster by Christopher Nolan, the time-inversing globe-trotting action spectacle Tenet. Are you excited?

Our review of Tenet will hit mid-week, but we’ve already seen it and we can’t wait to tell you what we think. In the meantime though, we had an opportunity to chat with one of the stars of the film, Himesh Patel who plays Mahir. In our short chat, Patel graciously talked with me a little bit about his character, one of the unique aspects about the role, his work with Christopher Nolan and how it compares with his starring role in Danny Boyle’s Yesterday and what’s to come!

You can watch our chat below, in pristine Zoom video! And be sure to keep a look out for our Tenet review in just a few short days. We’re looking forward to hearing what you think, there’s always a ton to chew on when it comes to Nolan, that’s for sure!

Tenet hits theaters on September 3rd, with early preview showings all this week.


  1. Christopher Nolan (and his cheerleader, Tom Cruise) think it’s fine to risk your life to see the James Bond imitation called Tenet.


    Nolan “hasn’t been in charge of a bungled federal response, nor is he wantonly spreading false information to the public, but Nolan has become a second-tier villain of the pandemic. Although he’s been relatively quiet as Tenet’s release date has been adjusted and adjusted and adjusted again, when he has spoken, it’s been in the same rhapsodic register as Cruise. …

    “Tenet, despite its radical reimagining of past and future, will one day come to symbolize the stubborn, pointless insistence that the world continue on exactly as it had been before.”

  2. This Slate article stunned me, because it’s so rare so see any criticism of Nolan, who is every fanboy’s favorite director.

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