Fabian NiciezaWriter Fabian Nicieza, best known as the co-creator of Deadpool and his extensive work in the X-Universe, has his sights set on supporting a very important cause this weekend—The Hero Initiative. The not-for-profit organization was established to assist comic creators, writers, and artists who need health, medical, and quality-of-life assistance. The group was formed in late 2000 by some of the top names and publishers in the industry including Marvel, Image, and Dark Horse, to name a few.
The Beat chatted with the scribe about his decision to work at the Hero Initiative Booth instead of setting up his own shop at East Coast Comicon.
Deanna Destito: What has been a highlight of your career or favorite moments you’ve encountered so far?
Fabian Nicieza: I would like to think the highlight of my career hasn’t happened yet, but honestly, just having had a career in comics has been the highlight. The longevity of my career, the sales I’ve achieved and money I’ve earned, the global adoration of Deadpool that all become nice cherries that make the sundae taste sweeter, but the ice cream part of that sundae is having gotten a chance to do what I wanted to do since I was about 10 years old.
As for favorite things, over thirty years there are honestly too many to mention. I’ve gotten to work with friends and artists I’ve been a fan of since I was a kid. I’ve gotten to work and collaborate with industry legends like Stan Lee, Steve Ditko, John Romita, Marie Severin, Herb Trump, and many more. I worked on staff at Marvel at an incredibly exciting, tumultuous, and often ridiculously fun time. I’ve gotten to sign body parts and taken pictures with fans cosplaying from Edinburgh to Dubai to Des Moines. So if I die ten minutes after these answers, it’s been a pretty damned good life.
Destito: Why did you choose this convention?
Nicieza: Since I live in Jersey, it’s a show I can drive to for one day and do my bit for King and country by signing for the Hero Initiative. I haven’t tabled for the three days of the show in a couple of years, so I think I’ll reserve it for one day charitable opportunities.
Destito: When you make convention appearances, where do you prefer to be?
Nicieza: I prefer to be in Artist Alley with everyone else. Sometimes conventions put me with the TV or movie celebrities if they’re anticipating longer lines to handle, but usually the “Deadpool lines” I call them can be managed in Artist Alley since I’m usually at my table pretty much from open until close.
I am not a huge fan of panels because they tend to get repetitive for me, but there are always the exceptions to the rule — just had a great panel at Planet Comicon Kansas City moderated by Emily Whitten, which was “Writing Super-Villains.” It was a lot of fun for everyone and a hell of lot more for me to get to talk about Baron Zemo than it is to explain to some internet knucklehead for the thousandth time why Deadpool was never a parody of Deathstroke.
Destito: What are you planning for this show? Any big announcements?
Nicieza: None whatsoever! I’m hit and run, baby! I’m coming there to sign for three hours (or until there’s no line left) and get home in time for dinner. And the goal is very pure and simple: raise as much money as we can for the Hero Initiative. We raised five-figures last year, I think, and hopefully we can top that this year.
Destito: Why is this organization so important and what should fans know before coming over for signings?
Nicieza: I think that Hero Initiative does fantastic work for creators in need and anything we can do to help matters. Boy, I’d love it if every movie celebrity donated 10% of their convention fees for a year to the cause, but in lieu of that, I think all of us who have the opportunity to contribute, should.
I am admittedly very selfish, greedy, and honest about my usual convention appearances. I am a retail operation and it will continue to be at least until my last kid is out of college! That being said, I can do a show like East Coast Comic Con and do something more positive than just make a buck for myself. So, c’mon out to the show and help me redeem my damned soul!
Head out on Saturday May 18 to see Fabian Nicieza at the Hero Initiative Booth at East Coast Comicon in Secaucus, NJ. Purchase tickets for the show here.


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