Come Away, the Sundance 2020 feature, tells the story of Jack (David OyelowoSelma) & Rose (Angelina JolieMaleficent) Littleton who face immense tragedy when their oldest son, David (Reece YatesLes Misérables) is tragically killed in an accident. In an attempt to save their parents from their grief, the younger kids Peter (Jordan A. NashAladdin) and Alice (Keira ChansaFaith) end up being forced to choose between their home or using their imagination to go on the adventure of a lifetime into Neverland and Wonderland. 

Now days away from the theatrical release, The Beat was on hand to talk to some of the stars and director, Brenda Chapman (Brave) of Come Away about this action-packed, unique mashup and reimagining of the iconic classics Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan! Watch our delightful with Keira Chansa about her favorite scene to shoot, David Oyelowo about how the script drew him in as an actor and producer, and how they both forged these onscreen familial bonds. 


Then check-out out our charming discussion with Brenda Chapman about how she found these talented young actors to play these key roles, Reece Yates & Jordan A. Nash about what they did offscreen to build up their onscreen brotherhood and what about the script enticed everyone to want to be a part of such an otherworldly production. 


Check out Come Away in select theaters and on VOD, November 13th!