Artist Tiernen Trevallion is new to Hellboy, teaming with writer/creator Mike Mignola and colorist Dave Stewart to illustrate the brand-new one-shot, Hellboy and the B.P.R.D.: Her Fatal Hour.

With the book hitting stores today, The Beat caught up with Trevallion to discuss his experience with the character, the new comic, and more.

You can check out our conversation below, and if you’re so inclined, you can also head over to Trevallion’s Facebook, where he is selling limited-edition signed and numbered prints of the cover, and more.


Zack Quaintance: So, as this is your first work in the Hellboy Universe. Can I start by asking what kind of relationship you’ve had with Hellboy comics before working with the character?

Tiernen Trevallion: I’ve been a long-time fan of Hellboy, and of Mike Mignola’s work. Not sure when I first became aware of Hellboy, but my first purchase was “The Chained Coffin and Others.” Mike’s work is partly responsible for why I continued to pursue comics work; that seemingly effortless storytelling in Mike’s comics is an inspiration. In fact, the visual language throughout is glorious. I grew up admiring many of the same artists and illustrators as Mike, and I recognise elements of them in his work, so discovering the Mignolaverse felt almost like coming home.
Tiernan TrevallionQuaintance: I had a chance to peak at the book in advance, and I thought your artwork was incredibly striking. How did you approach the aesthetic for the fantastical imagery in this book?

Trevallion: First off, and I think this is crucial, I had to stop whooping and running around the place in excitement. Mike asked me to work with him based on other work of mine he’d seen, so I approached the work as I usually would. I’m not going to pretend that I wasn’t a healthy mix of nervous and excited.

Quaintance: With two short stories in this one-shot, how did your approach to the work change (if at all) between them?

Trevallion: Yes, there is a marked difference in pace and atmosphere between the two tales. “The Sending” has far less of a foreboding quality to it — not so much horror, but more mystery, more character-based. I hope my work reflected the aesthetic of both stories.
Quaintance: Without giving too much away, one of the most disquieting images in this preview as a very creepy marionette. I couldn’t put my finger on it, so I’m curious: do you think there’s something inherently creepy about marionettes, and why is that?

Trevallion: It’s true, marionettes and dolls are creepy. One cannot be certain what goes on when you’re not looking at them. Why YOU found the marionette so creepy depends on a few things: does the marionette plague your thoughts and dreams? Does it give you instructions that may cause harm to yourself or others? Do you find yourself writing in a language you have never seen before…?
TIERNEN TREVALLIONQuaintance: Finally, this last question is perhaps wishful thinking on my part but might we see you doing any other Hellboy stories in the future? Is that something you would be interested in?

Trevallion: There are no plans, but yes, I would love the opportunity.

Published by Dark Horse Comics, the Hellboy & The B.P.R.D.: Her Fatal Hour one-shot is available in stores and digitally now.