On Sunday, to celebrate the finals of the big Injustice 2 eSports tournament, WB Games released gameplay footage showing off the game’s second Mortal Kombat guest character, Raiden. Not only will the elder god made famous by Christopher Lambert be coming to the game, but DC Comics fans will also be able to play as one of the publisher’s most electric characters.

Black Lightning is coming to Injustice 2. The character won’t technically be an individual fighter coming in one of the game’s packs. He’ll be a premium “skin” for Raiden in the game, meaning he’ll share assets with that character. While he will have his own unique voice and dialogue, Black Lightning will share part of his move set with Raiden. Both characters join the incoming wave (one each month) of DLC available first to those who purchased the ultimate edition, shortly after ala carte, including Black Manta and Mike Mignola’s Hellboy.

Black Lightning will be making his first appearance in the Injustice series and comes timed with CW’s upcoming Black Lightning TV show. Yes, just like a lot of you out there; I like seeing seldom used characters such as Black Lightning get their due and wish they weren’t locked behind some pay wall.

Injustice 2 the game is currently available for PS4 and Xbox One.


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