Infinity Train, one of Cartoon Network’s newest shows, got its first trailer on Tuesday, but you’ll have to decipher to code to see it. The series debuted as an eight minute short back in 2016. Anyone who missed it can check it out on YouTube; it sets up the entire premise of Infinity Train. Tulip, a young girl is trapped on the titular transportation where each train car is a portal to an alternate universe. The first one she visits is a place called Corgania and, yes, it’s inhabited by talking corgies and yes, their king joins up with Tulip on her journey.

If that hasn’t already sold you, maybe the familiar crew and voice cast will. Ashley Johnson (Tulip) is well known for her work as Ellie in the Playstation exclusive game, The Last of Us. The corgi king, meanwhile, is voiced by Ghostbuster’s Ernie Hudson and Infinity Train itself is written by Regular Show scribe Owen Dennis. It’s no mystery why the short quickly garnered over a million views and 57,000 signatures of fans hoping to see the expanded series.
That passion has been rewarded with Cartoon Network’s mysterious first trailer. To check it out, you’ll have to go to this interactive website, where’ you’ll eventually see a piano and a small door in the background. Opening that door and obtaining the visual-loot that is Infinity Train means playing the correct notes in the correct order. Thankfully, the internet has taken care of solving that puzzle for us. If you want to take a crack at it, feel free. If that’s not you, we’ve got the code here: high D, B, G, F#.
Infinity Train is slated for a 2019 release on Cartoon Network.