Stan Lee ‘to create worlds first gay superhero’.

Apparently the story first appeared in the UK Sun, which explains much.


  1. So by “first” we can assume the comic is set sometime around the death of King Arthur? The rise of the scorpion king? Tulug the Hard first using a bone to kill another ape?

    Damn you UK SUN and Drudge, we demand substantiation!

  2. Has it been established as fact that Stan Lee created Spider-Man? I can think of at least one person who might dispute that claim.

    At least four, if you go by Joe Simon’s account.

    I’m surprised both Perry Moore and Stan Lee– who presumably ought to have at least a passing familiarity with Marvel Comics’ continuity and history– would make this claim, given that John Byrne’s Northstar (as mentioned by Brian Davidson) was established as gay at least 20 years ago if I’m not mistaken.

  3. Perry certainly knows there have been plenty of gay superheroes before, since he has a long list of them on his website.

    Maybe he meant “first gay superhero in YA series of books,” or “first gay superhero on a live-action television program.” I don’t know for sure.

    I recall that Northstar was clearly indicated to be gay in an early issue of Alpha Flight (number 5 or 6?–something like that) when his former male lover showed up. That was 1983 or ’84.

  4. Uh…Stan, are you really that desperate for attention? This keeps getting more and more pathetic. He seems to look to get media publicity in any way possible. Remember Gloria Swanson in Sunset Boulevard? Doesn’t this feel like the faded starlet who is delusional. There actually are a lot of similarities, when you think about it. I’m ready for my close up Mr. DeVille. Please go away…