Al Ewing is channeling Rashomon in Immortal Hulk #3.  McGee, the reporter, is interviewing four different people about the Hulk latest appearance and gets four different versions of what happens.  To heighten the Rashomon effect, a different artist draws each witness’s perspective of the event.

Care for a preview?  Scroll down:

In the story of IMMORTAL HULK #3, four people encounter a monster…yet they all see different things.

Written by Al Ewing with a framing sequence by series artist Joe Bennett, this very special issue sees a journalist visit four civilians who have each come across a monster known as the Hulk. But as they each recall their stories, their interpretations of the events differ drastically. And to tell each of those four stories, Ewing and Bennett have teamed up with four artists who will tell the tales in four different artistic styles.

Leonardo Romero draws a cop’s version of the encounter with old school, classic Super Hero visuals. Paul Hornschemeier contributes a bartender’s version of the encounter in “indie” style. Marguerite Sauvage illustrates an old woman’s version of the encounter with a romance comic interpretation. And Garry Brown adds a priest’s version of the encounter with a horror approach.


  1. This reads really well! Love the James Dean sequence, which explodes the importance of perspective (anything that does that is tops in my book).

    Interesting to see what I thought of as more DC artists on here. Good move, as is the indie style artists. Hulk needs an angst-ridden evoking indie style at times.

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