There was apparently a display of sculpture made from Scrapple at the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia yesterday, but try as we might we couldn’t find any online pictures of the momentous event. In case you’ve forgotten, scrapple is a vaguely-sausage-like substance made from simmering cornmeal, flour and spices with ground leftover pork trimmings. The trimmings include heart, liver and tongue and others bits and bobs of offal. We would very much like to see photos of sculpture made from pork tongue and cornmeal, so please, pass them our way.

Speaking of livers, we didn’t get a chance to do out TUF recap this week, but we did watch episode 3, in which Gabe got a colonic from a woman who was scarily enthusiastic about getting a “mudslide” and other members of the house paraded around in thongs with their butts hanging out wearing masks or something. They’ve gone completely William Golding in only a few DAYS! Awesome possum. Oh yes, Nate Diaz, Nick’s feisty little brother, beat Rob Emerson in a fight that an over-excited Dana thought was the second coming. Maybe we’ll have some screen caps with the next recap. We’re also attempting to recruit someone who actually knows something about fighting to augment our colonic-favoring covering.


  1. It was Nate Diaz who beat Rob Emerson. I’m not entirely sure why Dana had such a hard-on for that fight. It was a good fight, but not the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.

    Now what you really need to catch up on was the UFC 70 fight that was on Saturday. Holy crap. You know a knockout injury is bad when you see Herb Dean freak out.

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