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The Beat wanted to send a shout out to longtime Beat pal Gregory Shane “Hurricane” Helms who returns to action in the WWE ring tonight on Smackdown for the first time since breaking his neck in May, 2007. Hurricane (now returning to his former ring name) has had a tough year or so, and it’s really great to see him back where he belongs. And sporting a gigantic new tattoo.
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Come to think of it, as you may recall, Hurricane was formerly “The” Hurricane, the superhero-themed wrestling superstar, known for his love of Green Lantern and his superheroic lifestyle. Although the green-tressed and masked Hurricane persona has been gone for several years, isn’t it time, maybe, for one of those surprise comeback appearances, like how Mick Foley used to come out as Mankind every once in a while? We think so. Perhaps Helms will once again don the mask and everyone will “stand back.”