Flog unveils Humbug!, a collection of the short lived but legendary humor magazine, created by Harvey Kurtzman.


  1. You know as much as I like to rag on how shitty mainstream comics are now, it’s really like the Dickens line …it’s was the best of times, it was the worst of times.
    Although some of the worst comics ever done are being out out right now we also have a wealth of GREAT reprints being done, so many that I can’t afford all the ones I want. So next time you look at the cover for stupid man #456 raping his young ward and think fuck when will it end remember, HUMBUG!

  2. Nice writing snoid, I’m really impressed with your abilities with the English language. It’s always important to get your point across by adding offensive, colorful words. You remind me of days when kids are home from school… no class!

  3. hhaha Mr. Snoid strikes again!

    I already bought 2 copies online since I am sure I will find somebody who will appreciate the gift of this…the other for me and mine…