I thought the Hulk was supposed to be red! What the…?

High Def version at MTV.

First thought: CGI…not compelling.

Second thought: New York in the crosshairs AGAIN.


  1. As much as trailer-assassination irritates me, i’d have to say that for a comic book movie–that looks like it has one big action setpiece to draw a trailer from.

    Which means talking.

    And talking + comic book movie?

    Usually means pretty bad comic book movie.

  2. Interesting. CGI seems iffy, but you never know until it’s actually out.

    I’m assuming that is the Abomination he’s up against, which makes sense as a hulk villain but might be a little *too* straightforward for non-comic fans, basically making it seem like the writers just decided to make an “evil hulk” or something. But if the purpose is to explore the pursuit of technology before we understand the implications, it’s a good foil.

    I think the fact they’re taking the story and concept and characters seriously is a good sign. All the really shitty comic book movies have been where some director or star decided to be “ironic” about the material, because they think they’re too cool to be doing such lowbrow concepts without a hat tip to the audience. Or, God forbid, they make an hour and a half long music video. I can’t imagine Edward Norton would be interested in wasting his time doing either of those things.

  3. Personally i think it looks very interesting and i hope it does better than the previous movie. Far as im concerned the trailer has done its job as i would now like to see the movie.

  4. The Abomination looks… okay. But the one I really want to see is The Leader! There aren’t enough big-headed gamma-radiated geniuses on film to suit me.

  5. Oh! And Heidi, New York’s been in the crosshairs since Stan started telling stories about the FF lo those many years ago. Longer even if you accept Metropolis and Gotham City as renamed versions of the Big Apple.

    And my crack about missing the Leader? I just realized that what they’re setting up is a giant wrestling match with two big bruisers and NYC as the background. At least the Leader would have provided some mental competition for our heroes. Plus I’ve always seen the Abomination as the Leader’s lackey for a long time, so not seeing the Leader implies tome that the threat level’s not going to be that high. Just some trashed real estate….

    Looking forward to Hulk and Iron Man going toe-to-toe in the next movie! Maybe we’ll get to see the Leader there!!!

  6. The street in the final sequence there is recognizably Yonge Street in toronto. You can see the famous strip bar Zanzibar’s, you can see famously just-shut-down Sam The Record Man’s historical signage, and you can see some other recognizably Canadian / Torontonian businesses, like Le Chateau. I imagine it’s supposed to be NYC, though…

  7. The most entertaining part of this trailer, as a Torontonian, are spotting the Yonge St landmarks, as Mal points out above. The rest of it is startlingly mediocre. To make the decision to scrap a franchise completely and start over from scratch, so soon after the first film, and then to make such an underwhelming first impression only 2 months from release, doesn’t bode very well. There’s no hook in the trailer, nothing exciting or creative, no iconic shot. There’s nothing that made me want to rewind and watch it again. There’s not even anything here to clearly indicate that this is a do-over, it just looks like more of the same dullness with some different actors.

    I hope for the best, I’d like to see a great movie and as usual you can’t judge anything accurately by a two minute trailer, but I’m hoping the next trailer raises my pulse a little bit.

  8. Here’s the problem with a CGI-reliant movie trailer in a nutshell… there isn’t enough really cool stuff to show this far ahead of time. I will say, though, that Norton seems compelling in his role. They should have shown more of him, since the rest was so underwhelming at this stage.

    Still – I got more entertainment from this trailer than I did from the entire first HULK movie.

  9. Mal and Cameron: I didn’t think it actually looked like New York, but the “Apollo Theater” sign led me to believe that was the locale. I’m more than happy to see Toronto start to bear the brunt of filmed annihilation.

  10. Well it’s *supposed* to be Harlem – that Apollo Theatre was a facade built over another building – but it was filmed mostly in Toronto. Apparently Tim Roth was hanging out one night at a bar less than a block from my apartment and I missed it. :(

  11. The trailer does nothing for me. If anything it indicates that E. Norton has pulled one of his old habits and force into the script more screen time for Bruce Banner.
    Terrible trailer I was much more hyped by the movie until I saw it.

  12. It looks alright to me, and as a new Torontonian, yeah, it’s going to be fun going to see that movie just to point out all the recognizable locales.

    It should be noted that people at Newsarama are pretty jazzed about this, and so are regular people I talk to who aren’t into comics or whatever. Maybe it won’t suck/flop?

    Don’t quote me.

  13. This trailer is fine for being a teaser. The director has already stated on another website that the CGi is being tweaked more from what you saw in it so it will be different in the final film. These fucking people who say the CGI is so-so or not compelling piss me off. What the fuck do you want? It IS a movie for Christ’s sake??? You’ll never have perfection with it since it’s humans who design the software. If the original Star Wars came out today, these damn losers would be sitting there saying how lame and lame the models look! If you want a real Hulk go masturbate to Lou Ferrigno or something. That was real enuff!

    Hugs and kisses

  14. I dont know, looks a lot better than the first so far. I think people are being too harsh on it because of the borefest the first one was. Ill see it at least once. Way too many haters in the world…

    Sorry about the lack of apostrophes, for some reason every time I hit that key it jumps me out of the box and into a quick find.

  15. Make that two of us, Groonk. This new iteration so far does not impress me. At least Ang Lee’s film was aimed at an audience with an IQ larger than its collective shoe size.

    Did I say that out loud in a comics forum?

  16. The TV show still remains the gold standard. I don’t know why picking a bodybuilder and painting him green is so terrible these days.

  17. I agree with “Groonk”: Lee’s Hulk was an interesting, almost meditative look at the big green guy, that didn’t deserve the drubbing it took in the media and amongst fanboy circles. This new flick seems to have two things working against it: 1) Edward Norton and 2) the fact that the director chose to borrow so heavily from the TV show. I mean, is it too much to expect someone to not rely on nostalgia? Especially for a schlocky 70s TV show?

  18. Count me in on your side, too, Groonk! Ang Lee’s movie is in my top 5 superhero movies. Detractors always tell me they didn’t like the CGI, or the action was lame. No one ever says, “I didn’t like it because Ang Lee has no grasp of pathos and subtle humanistic storytelling that the Hulk deserves.”

    And what’s funny about the “it didn’t look good” crowd is that, from the looks of this one they’ll be equally disappointed. Only this time you’ll have a bad-looking Hulk that is also missing the emotional truth of the previous movie. Great job, Hollywood.