SDCC opens doors today, and The Beat will be covering it a variety of different ways. Here’s where you can find us, what we’re up to, and who we’ll be snogging.


James Nesbitt better watch out.

The main place to keep with us is, y’know, this place right here. I’ll be writing up as much news as you can imagine, writing as it breaks. I’ve filled a bottle with rum, lucozade, cranberry red bull, hot vimto and hayfever tablets and taken a few hearty swigs – I’ll be on-hand all day. Torsten and Todd will also be writing up on the convention, each of us from a different wing of Stately Beat Mansion. And then at night, we’ll all have karaoke parties.

We’ve set up a Twitter account just for SDCC, which you can find right here. If you follow it, you’ll get thoughts and photos from people who are in the crush, and get to see exclusive pictures of Henry Barajas and Jimmie Robinson making out.

For SDCC we have a team of intrepid, foolish, sensational people, who’ll be filing reports and bringing back some atmosphere from the convention. Alongside Heidi and Henry, both of whom have already experienced a sweaty night of previews yesterday, will be Shannon O’LearyMegan ByrdBob CalhounDavid NievesCarolina CooneyNicholas Eskey and Bruce Lidl!

Blimey, that’s a lot of people. If you’re at the convention, also make sure to wave hi to some of our friends, like Hannah Means-Shannon!

You can also find Heidi at a few panels over the course of the weekend – most notably the Comics Blogging Panel where she’ll likely pick fights with Graeme McMillan and try to make Tom Spurgeon cry:

7:00pm – Room 23ABC

Family Feud: The Comics Blogging Panel

With the 24-hour news cycle turning into a 24-minute news cycle, fans are still getting their comics news from the top news sites and blogs out there. Join moderator Tom Spurgeon in a no-holds-barred discussion with comics journalists on how they make-and break-the news, the ethics of journalism, the death of blogging, the uses of social media, and ways you can join in on the fun. With Spurgeon (The Comics Reporter), Heidi MacDonald (The Beat), Tony Isabella (Tony’s Tips), Alexa Dickman (Ladies Making Comix), Rich Johnston (Bleeding Cool), and special surprises!

We’ll be doing out best to get the SDCC experience across for you!


  1. Since I am the least likely to get drunk, I have the Ditko Suite at Stately Beat Manor. The ceiling has a trippy Dr. Strange mural designed by Serve Ditko, some parts in fluorescent colors! But it causes DTs while intoxicated, and weird dreams.

    Last year I was in the McKay nursery. Even weirder dreams!

  2. Once more into the breach, dear Nerds. once more…

    Ah, Comic-Con— that one time a year when I can escape ‘real life’ and delve deep into the depths of my geeky obsessions! Looking forward to getting my Cory Doctorow and Berke Breathed books signed, and getting a chance to meet and talk to Robt Williams, Gerry Conway, Kazuo Koike… cruise the Exhibit Floor for swag… drop by some Mark Evanier panels…and maaaybe even attend a couple of Hall H presentations or two.

    … The Con’s a-foot:
    Follow your schedule, And upon that Floor,
    Cry, Yay for Comics, SF/Fant and Film/TV*!

    Just make sure all you visiting journos eat a GOOD breakfast before you cover the events there this weekend.**

    *as stated in SDCC’s original 1970 purview: Comics AND Science Fiction/Fantasy AND Movies and TV shows: something that many people seem to convinienty forget in SDCC op-ed pieces today…

    ** you wouldn’t want ANYTHING to get in the way of your duties as a Comics Journalist covering events there;, avoid the dry bagels

    /off to Comic-Con ’13

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