Color Scott Pilgrim is coming.

It was available at Comic-Con. And soon it will be available online. Soon meaning August 8th.

But to get the very rare Collector’s Editions (which includes the Evil Edition, along with all the sweet merch mentioned below and pictured above, like coins and prints and patches) you must watch and wait. And then crash the server, probably. Here are the details:

SPV1 HC TPB - 4x6 FNL WEB.jpeg

On August 8th, we will go live with our online sales for the LIMITED Scott Pilgrim Volume 1: Precious Little Life Collector’s Edition, along with the Regular and Evil-Ex Editions. Warm up your garlic bread and pour yourself a Coke Zero, because these puppies are going to go fast.

What is The Collector’s Edition? Go here!

How do you get one? 

Simple. All you need to do is follow any of our social media outlets listed below and/or our website on August 8th. At some time during that day, we will be providing a direct link to our webstore, which is where you will be able to purchase only the Collector’s Edition (hint hint: we are in the Pacific Standard Time Zone). This link will only be available through the locations mentioned above and will not be not searchable on our website or anywhere else. From there it will be like any other online purchase from our webstore. 

There is a limit of 2 Collector’s Editions per billing address and please allow for 2-3 weeks shipping, due to the volume of orders we will be receiving at one time.

The regular Scott Pilgrim Volume 1 Color Edition and Evil-Ex Edition books will be available for sale in our webstore like any other book, not requiring a separate link to purchase.

Once 500 are sold, the link will no longer be active.

We wish good luck and Scott-speed!



  1. I hate things like this because if you’re not allowed to access the Internet at work, like me, you’re probably going to be SOL.

    When I followed Oni, Twitter suggested I follow Dr. Pepper and Target.

  2. So i found a packet at my thrift store and its pristine…there are only 500 and i have one packet from comic con scott pilgrams collectors edition volume one i believe the evil edition its awesome 3.00 total at the thrift store. Im trying to see how much this rare but awesome find is worth can someone tell me please because it just blows my mind that someone just gave this up to a common thrift when to many it is priceless.

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