Well, we managed to make it across the floor. Once. Warner Bros. is once again giving out giant bags — this time with Wonder Woman AND a shoulder strap for crossbody styling. There’s practically a riot going on in front of the WB booth. A harried guy with a headphone told everyone, “There is no line. Nothing is going on. Go away.” That’s only one hour in.

For some reason, we feel particularly calm and detached. There is so much happening on any given second that no one could be expected to make sense of it.

The show kicked off with a press conference announcing Darwyn Cooke’s new series of PARKER adaptations. There was a grand unveiling of the art and a card giveaway for the press.

God only knows where we go from here. More later.


  1. Love Darwyn Cooke’s work. Well, not so much the new issue of Jonah Hex, which seemed unlike him. I think it musta stretched and vexed him a might. But all the other stuff.

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